Young Professional Style

When it comes to young business fashion you need to be careful with going overboard and find a happy medium. This is where we find that most young people go wrong.

Here we will show you what to do, and not to do when trying to look stylish yet professional:

What to do 

When wearing business attire, you still want to maintain a young image and keep a fresh look. No one wants to look outdated (wearing your grandmother’s clothes).

A blazer with a top combined with skinny jeans or light colored pants and open toed wedges.

A nice top (either button up or simple) with jeans or pants and closed toed pointy shoes.



What NOT to do 

Mix blazers with button up shirts and dress pants. This will not only look boring but also make you look old.

Do not wear pointy  toed shoes with dress pants.

If  wearing a blazer on top, wear something more laid back on the bottom and vice versa. This will still provide a professional look while making you look fashionable.

Accessories are always recommended, as they enhance your outfit and help tie the colors together

Few ideas:



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