Recipe for the Perfect Summer Outfit


What started out as a walk down the boardwalk turned into a quick snap for Instagram..and then that turned into this Lady Code post! I spent the past few weeks traveling from Mexico to Orlando and then straight into covering Miami Fashion Week 2014. Through traveling, I shopped a LOT, and then through the Miami Fashion Week festivities, I’ve been inspired for tons of looks for this season.

I have to share with you today’s outfit because there are so many elements that you will find trending all summer! Read along for my wardrobe recipe!


1. Round Sunglasses

Stock up on these round shades, spotted on the beaches, streets, and runways all over the world. Hate the retro look? Opt for a futuristic look by choosing a pair that is oversized or reflective.


2. Short A-Line Skirt

At major fashion soiree’s like Miami Fashion Week, sometimes the real runway trends can be seen on the guest sitting in the front row. After observing the posh looks of the VIP’s I noticed that A-Line skirts not only took over the catwalk, but also the bloggers, fashionistas, off-duty models, celebrities, and reporters’ wardrobe.


3. High Heel Sandals

The high heel sandal has been in for a while, but the runways have proven that they will be here to stay for at least another season. Tired of your high heel sandals? Update your shoe closet with a platform wedge. The bulkier, the better.


4. Stone Rings and Energy Stacks

Yoga has become more than an workout or a way of life. It has now become a fashion trend as well. Find your zen with stacks from Karmic Blessings, my go-to site for boho jewelry.


5. Floral, Tribal, Shibori…Anything Print! 

Rage on with your crazy prints! It is OK to mix prints and colors. The crazier, the better. Look out for our coverage of some of the looks from Miami Fashion Week. The designers went crazy with mixing prints, and it looked fabulous.


6. Cage Neck, Cage Back, Cage Anything! 

The stringy cage look has to be the #1 new fashion trend of the year. Need a cage bra? Check out Victoria’s Secret! Need a cage neck BIKINI? Check out Vizcaya Swimwear! Wet Seal and Forever 21 have awesome cage back crop tops for under $20!

7. Low, Loose Pony

Stick straight hair with a middle part, pulled back into a low loose pony is the hair trend for this season. Pull your hair back into a loose pony and then pull the band left to right to make it loose.

Bonus beauty tip: Rumor has is that NO makeup is in. Keep your makeup to a minimum and let your natural beauty shine!

These are only a FEW of the trends this summer! Lady Code has you covered for fashion, beauty, fitness, wellness, and more! Make sure you follow us on Instagram @LADYCODE_ for exclusive updates from the writers!









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