Top 10 Spring Break Bikinis

Vizcaya Swimwear

Our favorite swimwear line, Vizcaya Swimwear, just launched its latest collection, Brisa Del Mar. We are so excited to be one of the first to share these designs with you. Since Spring Break is right around the corner, we have our top ten picks for your PERFECT Spring Break bikini! Click on the photo of your favorite bikini to learn more about it!

The latest trends in bikinis are scrunch bottoms and Brazilian bottoms, as far as the cuts are concerned. No one likes to swim at the beach and notice their bikini bottoms sagging in the back right after they get wet. Stefania and I love Vizcaya Swimwear because the bikini will fit you perfectly and hug you tightly, regardless of if its wet or not.

Vizcaya Swimwear

Another trend is the natural, gypsy, free spirit look. The latest swimwear from Vizcaya Swimwear has earthy tones, and very creative, boho style designs. We love embracing natural beauty and we think this collection does a great job with highlighting natural beauty!

10. Alright! Here we go, the first bikini in the top ten is the Esther Top in Sand. We feel like every woman in the world is looking for a beige color bikini right now. We don’t blame them! After all, Sand is one of Pantone’s colors of the year! We love this bikini because of the cage neck. With a neutral color like Sand, one way to make yourself stand out from the crowd is with an intricate design.

Vizcaya Swimwear Jessica WEise

9. Next, we love the Corona print! This top is the Rio bikini top in Corona Print. This bikini is perfect for Spring Break. We know that students flock to the beaches of Mexico for spring break, so show your spring break spirit in this vibrant top!

Vizcaya Swimwear

8. The Coachella Bikini. This bikini is too perfect! Berry colors are taking over the beaches this season, so make sure you add this pomegranate bikini to your bikini collection!

Vizcaya Swimwear

7. The Esther Top in Midnight Black is a classy-sexy top! It makes you look sexy on the beach without showing much skin! Love!

Vizcaya Swimwear

6. Seychelles bikini top in Samba print. Sophisticated like the people who travel to Seychelles! This print looks great on almost everyone!

Vizcaya Swimwear

5. Seychelles bikini top in Corona print. This print is more festive than the Samba print! We love both!

Vizcaya Swimwear

4. Let’s talk bottoms! We are obsessed with the Brazilian cut, and Vizcaya Swimwear offers the best of all worlds: Reversible Brazilian Bottoms. #4 on our list is the Samba print Limoncello bottoms, reversible with the Samba Print and Sand. At only $47.20, it’s a deal!

Vizcaya Swimwear

3. We had to include a bikini from Vizcaya Swimwear’s Couture collection. The Monaco. Be the goddess of the beach in this hot bikini-don’t worry about tan lines, the top strap can easily be tucked in!

Vizcaya Swimwear

2. The Samba print Samoa top places #2 on our top 10 spring break bikinis. Pair this top with either the Cachaca bottoms or the reversible, brazilian Limoncello bottoms!


1. The Belize bikini. This bikini is creative, intricate, and definitely one of a kind! It is our favorite bikini for spring break!

Vizcaya Swinwear


We hope you loved these Vizcaya Swimwear bikinis as much as we do!! Keep up with Vizcaya Swimwear by following them on Instagram: @VizcayaSwimwear

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